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Vietnam War Oral Histories Collection

Identifier: MS-2020-18
Content Note

This collection from Dr. Rebecca Conard of Wichita State University’s Public History Program contains interviews with individuals about their memories of the Vietnam War. Materials include recordings of interviews, transcripts of interviews, and release forms signed by participants.

Dates: 1996 - 1998

W. A. Webb Papers

Identifier: MS-88-12
Content Note The W. A. Webb Papers contain two handwritten diaries describing the events of Webb’s life while he attended Fairmount Academy, the preparatory school associated with Fairmount College, during the years 1897-1899. These diaries give us an idea of what preparatory school was like in Wichita at the turn of the century and glimpses into the early days of Fairmount College, now Wichita State University. This collection also includes five photographs, four of which are of W. A. Webb and one of...
Dates: 1897 - 1899

W. H. Auden Papers

Identifier: MS-89-03
Scope and Contents

This collection includes several letters, photographs, and newspaper clippings from English and American poet W. H. Auden. One clipping contains an extensive obituary for Auden, while another clipping records details of a trial over ownership of Auden's papers and manuscripts after his death.

Dates: 1934 - 1979

W. P. Fife Papers

Identifier: MS-94-13
Content Note

This collection of W. P. Fife’s papers contains promotional information regarding investment securities and purchase of stock in the Roderick Dhu Gold Mines Company and the Great Western Oil Refinery and Pipe Line Company. These "personal letters," dating from 1904 to 1906, urge potential customers to invest in a Colorado gold mine and a Kansas oil refinery. Included are references for Fife and information about his business connections and career as an evangelist.

Dates: 1904 - 1906

Wade E. Hampton II Papers

Identifier: MS-86-02
Scope and Contents

Hampton's poems, stories, correspondence and personal recollections comprise the greater portion of this collection. His letters to Margaret W. Teague of the Bartlesville Historical Commission (Oklahoma) give detailed information on the genealogy of his family and other families around Bartlesville, Oklahoma, area. The 1861 military record of Wade Hampton, a relative, also is included.

Dates: 1861 - 1966

Walter Graves Manuscript of Early Fairmount College

Identifier: MS-87-38
Content Note This collection contains one original copy and two photocopies of Walter Graves' typewritten manuscript giving his perspective on the early history of Fairmount College, the predecessor of the University of Wichita and Wichita State University. His insights provide information on the development of the university and about the controversy plaguing its relationship with the Congregational Church and Washburn University in Topeka. Graves was a physician in Wichita who served on the Board of...
Dates: 1892 - 1907

Web Quinius Collection of Wichita Beacon Images

Identifier: MS-2007-01
Content Note

This collection of images consists of glass negatives taken for the Wichita Beacon newspaper. The subjects mainly are Wichita area scenes and people. Of particular note are the images of Dr. John R. Brinkley, a controversial Kansas figure. Many of the images were published in the Wichita Beacon between April and September 1931.

Dates: Majority of material found within 1931

Wendell Phillips Papers

Identifier: MS-82-06
Content Note

Wendell Phillips, born to a wealthy and socially prominent Boston family, became a leader in the abolitionist movement in 1837. He was known as an orator, an author, and a frequent contributor to The Liberator, a newspaper devoted to the anti-slavery cause. This collection of Phillips' papers consists of four signed letters to various correspondents, two signed photographs, and an autographed quotation.

Dates: 1860 - 1865

Wichita African American Business History Project

Identifier: MS-2018-01
Content Note This collection chiefly consists of interviews conducted from 2011 to 2014 by Wichita State University history professor Dr. Robert E. Weems, Jr., with 32 African Americans from Wichita recognized as entrepreneurs. Record types include oral history recordings and transcripts, release forms for interviews, biographical materials, newspaper clippings, other publications, an artifact and images.To document how African Americans, in a variety of endeavors, established a commercial...
Dates: 2011 - 2014

Wichita African-American Community of Holy Savior Catholic Church Oral Histories Collection

Identifier: MS-2020-20
Content Note

This collection from Dr. Jay Price of Wichita State University's Department of History contains interviews conducted by students with African-American members of the Holy Savior Catholic Church in Wichita. Interviews focus on the individuals' experiences as part of Wichita's Catholic African-American community and congregants of the old St. Peter Claver Church. Materials include recordings of interviews, transcripts of interviews, and release forms signed by participants.

Dates: 2008

Wichita Area Girl Scouts Scrapbook Collection

Identifier: MS-94-12
Content Note

This collection of Girl Scout scrapbooks includes newspaper clippings, flyers, memos, correspondence and photographs describing activities of or participated in by the Wichita Area Girl Scouts from 1949 to 1987.

Dates: 1949 - 1987

Wichita Association of Colored Women and Girls Clubs Collection

Identifier: MS-2021-05
Content Note

This collection contains a scrapbook/record book and a concert program from the Wichita Association of Colored Women. Included in the scrapbook are photos, newspaper clippings, correspondence, programs from events, meeting minutes, and financial documents.

Dates: 1943 - 1979

Wichita Dunker Church Minutes

Identifier: MS-89-13
Content Note

This collection contains the minutes of a Dunker Church in Wichita from June 12, 1912, to August 26, 1913, as well as sermon topics and notes. The handwritten text is in German.

Dates: 1912-06-12 - 1913-08-26

Wichita Police Manual

Identifier: MS-2021-04
Content Note

This collection contains a copy of the Wichita Police Duty Manual from around 1944 that belonged to James Lloyd Fugit, a detective who served with the Wichita Police Department from 1922 to 1945.

Dates: 1944

Wichita Public Schools 2000 Bond Issue Collection

Identifier: MS-2019-02
Content Note

This collection contains records from Wichita State University Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. James Rhatigan, who was a member of CARE (Citizens Alliance for Responsible Education) and worked to pass a USD 259 bond issue in 2000. Records include correspondence, bond specifics, volunteer information, and promotional materials.

Dates: 2000

Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum Collection of Dockum Drug Store Sit-in Oral Histories

Identifier: MS-2020-04
Content Note This collection from the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum contains interviews with participants in the 1958 Dockum Drug Store Sit-In. Materials include DVDs and MiniDVDs of interviews, a CD containing the KMUW broadcast "Dockum Sit-in Story," a CD containing transcripts of interviews, printed transcripts of interviews, permission forms signed by interviewees allowing the interviews to be copied and made public, three newspaper articles commemorating the sit-in, and correspondence...
Dates: 2006 - 2008

Wichita State University Erotic Art Society Collection

Identifier: MS-87-16
Scope and Contents The WSU Erotic Art Society Collection contains materials related to an incident concerning obscenity and free speech that took place in Wichita, Kansas, over a period of weeks in 1977. Included in the collection are the 1981 manuscript, Erotic Art Society: The Cases for Free Inquiry. An Account of a Controversy, a recording of a radio news report concerning the incident, and the court proceedings from the 1977 case of the State of Kansas vs. Neil Cook, President of the Erotic Art Society,...
Dates: 1977-02-13 - 1977-05-02; 1981

Wichita State University Football Team Airplane Crash Collection

Identifier: MS-87-11
Content Note

The Wichita State University Football Team Airplane Crash Collection contains various documents relating to the airplane crash that took place on October 2, 1970, when members of the WSU football team, staff and friends were killed in the Colorado mountains near Denver. This collection contains newspaper articles, news releases, correspondence, and audio tapes of the Federal Hearing investigating the event and of the Memorial and Dedication Services for those who died in the crash.

Dates: 1970 - 2000

Will C. Colin Letters

Identifier: MS-2020-23
Content Note

This collection from Dennis Coffey contains correspondence between Will C. Colin, a U.S. Navy sailor, and his family from 1913 to 1917.

Dates: 1913 - 1917

Willburt E. Kinsley Papers

Identifier: MS-92-17
Content Note The Willburt E. Kinsley Papers contains documents, photographs and negatives relating to Kinsley's military service in World War I and World War II. Several official documents concern his World War I Distinguished Service Cross and discharge. His World War I pilot log book provides detail on training and military missions in 1917 and 1918.The bulk of the collection is comprised by negatives of images taken by Kinsley in which he documents locations, people and activities in...
Dates: 1917 - 1953

William Allen White Papers

Identifier: MS-88-21
Content Note

The William Allen White Papers contain two personal letters written to H. H. Southworth of Chicago, Illinois, dated 1908 and 1909. It also contains a photograph of White, inscribed to Alice Isely, 1937, and a pamphlet containing his famous 1896 essay “What’s the Matter with Kansas?”

Dates: 1896 - 1937

William D. Thompson Papers

Identifier: MS-2002-14
Content Note The William D. Thompson Papers consists primarily of correspondence. The letters discuss aspects of Thompson's books, including marketing options, acknowledgments by purchasers, and research requests. The collection also includes letters between Thompson and the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) discussing aviation design and research, letters from various test pilots, and letters discussing general topics. The majority of the collection is from the 1990s. Also included are reports...
Dates: 1977 - 2001

William H. Doolittle Diary

Identifier: MS-2020-14
Content Note

This collection contains the diary of William H. Doolittle, a Union soldier who became a citizen clerk in the U.S. War Department during the Civil War. The diary spans from 1864 to at least 1865. Dates are not clearly marked and entries are not in order.

Dates: 1864 - 1865

William L. McMillen Papers

Identifier: MS-87-22
Content Note The William L. McMillen Papers contain documents from the Russian government informing McMillen that he was rewarded for services as a surgeon to the Imperial Army in Finland during the Crimean War. He was awarded Knighthood to the order of St. Stanislaus by Alexander III, Czar of Russia. The collection also includes a document from the City of Wichita confirming the award. These documents date from 1857 and 1927. Dr. McMillen, a Major General in the United States Army during the Civil...
Dates: 1857 - 1927

William L. Riley Papers

Identifier: MS-74-38
Content Note The William L. Riley collection primarily concerns his military service during the Civil War from August 1862 to June 1866. He was captured once for a short duration by the Confederate Army and an account of his capture, subsequent escape, and return to his unit is contained in the collection. Two diaries kept by Riley from 1864 to 1866 provide excellent insight into the monotonous routine of military life. Another portion of the collection is concerned with Mr. Riley's application for...
Dates: 1850 - 1922

William Lofinck Papers

Identifier: MS-94-06
Content Note The William Lofinck Papers contain five holograph letters and two postcards dating from January 15, 1898 to June 8, 1900 written from Golden and other places in New Mexico. Lofinck writes about the development and financial troubles of a gold mining operation near Golden, New Mexico. The final letter is a descriptive account of a train trip from Topeka, Kansas, to Golden with observations on native New Mexicans and miners written by George Andriano, son of the prime financial backer for the...
Dates: 1898-01-15 - 1900-06-08

William Plummer Letters

Identifier: MS-2005-06
Scope and Contents

The collection includes seven letters written by William Plummer in Wichita, Kansas, and sent to his brother, friends, and parents in Pennsylvania. The letters were written between 1870 and 1874 and discuss a variety of topics including Plummer's health, his work and farming experiences, and the weather and women in Wichita. Also included is one letter believed written in 1872 by his sister Lizzie and "Mama."

Dates: 1870 - 1874

William Sulzer Collection

Identifier: MS-74-16
Content Note

The William Sulzer Collection is comprised of a scrapbook containing correspondence, clippings, and pamphlets. The material involves such topics as Sulzer's impeachment from the Governorship of New York, Al Smith's nomination to the Presidency, the Prohibition Party, and Tammany Hall. In short, the scrapbook deals with machine politics in the late 1920s in New York and on the national level. The dates range from 1927 to 1948.

Dates: 1927 - 1948

Wolf Creek Generating Station Addendum to the Standard Nuclear Unit Power Plant System

Identifier: MS-75-03
Content Note The Wolf Creek Generating Station Addendum collection represents an application of the Standard Nuclear Unit Power Plant System (SNUPPS) to a specific location, i.e., Burlington, Kansas. The collection discusses the general description of the Wolf Creek Generating Station as well as generalized site characteristics including demography, meteorology, and hydrology. The collection also includes the area’s geology, the design of the structure and the system components, the generation of power,...
Dates: 1974

Woodman Family Letters

Identifier: MS-2020-10
Content Note

This collection contains letters written by members of the Woodman family—mainly Elijah Franklin Woodman, Jr. and Effie Stevenson Woodman. There is also a short biography of Elijah Franklin Woodman, Jr. and Effie Stevenson Woodman written by their daughter-in-law, "Eloise" Woodman.

Dates: 1919 - 1981