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Hermann Hesse Papers

Identifier: MS-87-23
Scope and Contents

The Hermann Hesse Papers contain clippings, magazine articles, correspondence, pamphlets, and small booklets concerning the career and writing of Hermann Hesse, German novelist and poet.

Dates: 1914 - 1977

Huerfano Valley Ditch and Reservoir Company Collection

Identifier: MS-87-34
Content Note

The Huerfano Valley Ditch and Reservoir Company Collection consists of three record books and one account book containing the Board Meeting minutes of the Company dating from 1888 to 1917. Additional materials consist of correspondence to and from the company dating from 1919 to 1930.

Dates: 1888 - 1930

Hugh Grant Papers

Identifier: MS-90-12
Content Note

The collection of the papers of Hugh Grant, U.S. Minister to Albania from 1935 to 1939 contains letters, memoranda and news releases relating to the invasion by Mussolini and the plight of the Jewish people in Albania. The collection contains over 200 pages.

Dates: 1934 - 1939

Indian Place-Names -- Book Manuscript (Published)

Identifier: MS-77-02
Content Note

The Book Manuscript of Indian Place-Names by Dr. John Rydjord discusses the origin, evolution, and meanings of Indian place-names collected from various tribes in Kansas. The collection includes a corrected manuscript.

Dates: 1968 (Publishing date)

Irma Wassall Papers

Identifier: MS-2020-12
Content Note

This collection collection from Irma Wassall contains copies of some of her poems, songs, and short stories as well as advertisements, programs, and photos from events featuring Wassall's work, Wassall's curriculum vitae, a short biography of Wassall, news articles about Wassall, a CD featuring music by her performance partner Richard Johnson, and correspondence about the materials in the collection.

Dates: 1939 - 2008

Isobel Nevins Whitney Scrapbook

Identifier: MS-2020-22
Content Note

This collection from Tom Whitney contains the scrapbook of Isobel Nevins Whitney's experiences as a student at the Municipal University of Wichita from September of 1927 to May of 1931.

Dates: 1927 - 1931

J. R. Mitchell Papers

Identifier: MS-88-05
Content Note

J. R. Mitchell’s scrapbook contains his original typescript narrative accompanied by original photographs. Mitchell, aboard a 500-passenger cruise ship, gives an intelligent, witty account of his 1921 voyage from New York to Chile via Cuba, the Panama Canal and Peru.

Dates: 1921-07-03 - 1921-09-06

Jacob Bland Papers

Identifier: MS-2020-15
Content Note

This collection contains transcriptions of Jacob Bland's diary from 1865 to 1898, a small family tree chart of Bland's family, and a photocopied image of Bland and his wife.

Dates: 1865 - 1898

James and H. D. Smith Papers

Identifier: MS-94-24
Content Note This collection of James M. and H. D. Smith’s correspondence contains letters dating from June 2, 1852 to October 3, 1857. A majority of the letters were written from Gouverneur, New York, and Buffalo, New York. James M. Smith, the son of H. D. Smith, wrote about his wife's health, family matters, homeopathic medicine and business affairs. H. D. Smith wrote about railroad projects, California gold mining, mental illness, politics, business affairs and family matters. Two letters in the...
Dates: 1852-06-22 - 1857-10-03

James Grant Gilchrist Papers

Identifier: MS-83-03
Content Note

This collection consists of an autobiography that James Gilchrist wrote for his children's amusement and edification. He tells of his studies as a medical student, brief U.S. Civil War service, and medical practice in Minnesota; Pennsylvania; Detroit, Michigan; and Iowa City, Iowa. The major portion was penned in 1874, and yearly summaries for 1875 through 1897 also are included. A bibliography lists Gilchrist's other works and those in which he is mentioned.

Dates: 1874 - 1897

James W. Denver Letters

Identifier: MS-2002-03
Content Note This collection contains seven letters written to James W. Denver by various individuals from March 1858 to September 1858. J. W. Denver served as the Territorial Governor of Kansas from December 1857 to November 1858. The collection consists of correspondence written by Edward R. Smith, Judge Joseph J. Williams, George W. Clarke, and George A. Crawford. The letters involve concerns about land acquisition, appointments to territorial county seats, the location of those seats, and the...
Dates: 1858-03-28 - 1858-09-01

James W. Grimes Papers, 1862-1872

Identifier: MS-74-04
Content Note This collection of James W. Grimes’ papers consists of a series of letters from James W. Grimes to his nephew, John G. Walker, from 1862 to 1872. This correspondence covers a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from the abolishment of slavery and the Southern states reentering the Union to Mr. Grimes' experiences with the Department of Navy. Also included in the collection is a list of the stocks and bonds belonging to the Estate of James W. Grimes and an image of Grimes. Grimes was Iowa's...
Dates: 1862 - 1872

Janice Collins Bailey Papers

Identifier: MS-2020-01
Content Note This collection contains the records of Janice Collins Bailey, a member of the 2008 Bond Issue Oversight Committee for Wichita Public Schools. All materials in the collection are related to the school bonds and include budgeting records, meeting agendas, plans for using the bonds, assessments of the bonds’ effectiveness, fliers for bonds celebrations, a pamphlet on Wichita Public Schools, and newspaper clippings about the death of Kenton Cox, an architect who served as the bond project...
Dates: 2008 - 2018

Jefferson Barracks, Missouri: Quartermaster's Ledger Book

Identifier: MS-98-17
Content Note The Jefferson Barracks, Missouri: Quartermaster's Ledger Book is comprised of one volume containing entries dating between March 19, 1844 and May 25, 1850. The ledger provides a series of dated receipts for goods issued to be used by military units and other governmental entities. Goods shipped to the northwest and south from the Jefferson Barracks were of an essential nature. Many important military officers and historic steamboats are listed in the entries. The volume is not in its...
Dates: 1844-03-19 - 1850-05-25

John Brown-Luther Humphrey Lithograph Facsimile Letter Collection

Identifier: MS-88-22
Content Note The John Brown-Luther Humphrey Lithograph Facsimile Letter Collection contains a facsimile of John Brown’s letter to his cousin, Rev. Luther Humphrey on November 19, 1859, while he was a condemned prisoner and under sentence to death by hanging on December 2, 1859, for his act of treason in raiding Harper’s Ferry, Virginia. Brown wrote the letter from Charles Town, Jefferson County, Virginia. The collection also contains correspondence of Boyd B. Stutler, of Charleston, West Virginia, and a...
Dates: 1859-11-19 - 1859-12-02

John Dean Collection

Identifier: MS-2016-07
Content Note

This collection consists of manuscripts, press clippings, correspondence, and publicity material created or collected by John Dean of Nickerson, Kansas. The bulk of the material is concerned with Dean’s writings, correspondence and accumulated research material on Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), space exploration, and extraterrestrial life. Also present are some promotional items from Dean’s career as an author and lecturer.

Dates: 1961 - 1970

John N. Payne Papers

Identifier: MS-2020-25
Content Note

This collection contains the personal papers of John N. Payne, a World War I soldier and former student of Fairmount College. Materials include correspondence, newspaper clippings, invitations to events, school grade cards, a school assignment, and financial documents from 1919 and 1920.

Dates: 1919 - 1935

John Noyes Collection

Identifier: MS-89-14
Content Note

Authored by John Noyes, various printed materials concerning the Oneida community comprise this collection. One issue of The Witness, a newspaper about the utopian community edited by its founder Noyes, is included. Most documents in the collection date from the mid-19th century; however, a brochure stating the Oneida community is “the oldest and largest manufacturer of game traps” dates from the 1920s.

Dates: 1839-01-23 - 1920

John W. Gladding U.S. Patent Collection

Identifier: MS-86-19
Content Note

This collection consists of the original U.S. Patent no. 231,306 for a hoe by James W. Gladding of Vineland, New Jersey, dated August 17, 1880. Patent includes a diagram of the hoe.

Dates: 1880-08-17

Joseph Leffard Papers

Identifier: MS-83-02
Content Note

This collection consists of three letters written by Joseph Howard Leffard to his sister Susanna "S. A." Beatty during the Civil War. The letters are dated 1862, 1864 and 1865. Leffard, corporal in the 188th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, Company D, died April 7, 1865, at age 19.

Dates: 1862 - 1865

Joseph Mason Papers

Identifier: MS-87-03
Content Note

Joseph Mason's papers contain the correspondence of a Confederate soldier with his wife and family during the U.S. Civil War. Dating from June to November 1862, some of the letters describe camp conditions and the difficulties that faced the men. Mason's death from pneumonia in December 1862 is documented in the collection. Letters and manuscripts written by other family members are also included.

Dates: 1861-10-25 - 1892-11-27; Undated

Kansa Indians -- Published Book Manuscript

Identifier: MS-74-07
Content Note

This collection contains the original marked-up manuscript of a book by Dr. William E. Unrau, former history professor at Wichita State University. The book, Kansa Indians, recounts the story of the Native Americans of Kansas, the Wind People, from 1673 to 1873. It covers the appearance of the first French explorers to the final subjugation of the Kansa Indians in the forced migration of 1873.

Dates: 1986 (Book release date)

Kansas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers Archives

Identifier: MS-2021-01
Content Note

This collection from the Kansas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers contains the organization’s records from the 1930s to present. It includes records of membership, communications and minutes from committee meetings, programs from annual conferences, newsletters, institutional surveys, and budget records. Series arranged alphabetically. Materials arranged in box by decade. This collection is still accruing.

Dates: 1936 - 2017

Kansas Land Documents

Identifier: MS-78-03
Content Note

The collections consists of two items: a homestead certificate of John C. Moseley, signed by President Ulysses S. Grant, 1875, and a document certifying ownership of land by H. B. Denman, S. E. Hoffman and E. P. Bancroft, signed by the Kansas State Auditor and Register of State Lands, E. P. McCabe, 1883.

Dates: 1875; 1883

Kansas Territory – Letters from Mound City, 1859

Identifier: MS-81-02
Content Note

This collection includes seven letters which describe conditions in Kansas Territory. Five letters were written by Frank Walker and one each by Byron Corbin and Myron Corbin. All three men were anti-slavery advocates who settled in Linn County, Kansas Territory, in 1857. Each letter is accompanied by an undated typewritten transcription.

Dates: 1858 - 1859

Kansas Territory Papers Collection

Identifier: MS-88-08
Content Note

The Kansas Territory Papers Collection contains letters, documents and receipts dating from 1858 to 1887, the majority of which are dated before Kansas statehood. There are several documents written or signed by John A. Martin who was governor of Kansas from 1885-1889.

Dates: 1858 - 1887

Kansas Water Resources Board

Identifier: MS-78-05
Content Note

The materials in this collection are from William Salome’s tenure as the Kansas Water Resource Board in 1968. Materials include correspondence, reports and a summary of water research projects in Kansas, flood control and water resources development for the Blue River, proposed site for Grove Reservoir, a history of Milford Reservoir, and a general plan for Lyons Creek Watershed.

Dates: 1966 - 1968

Ku Klux Klan Collection

Identifier: MS-2014-02
Content Note The Ku Klux Klan Collection documents the involvement of George C. McCarron, an Imperial Representative of the Klan, in the organization during its peak years of 1923 to 1924. The bulk of this collection consists of memos McCarron sent to Klan members in the Realm of Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska with content about the organization, its doctrine, memberships, and other administrative information. Also included in this collection are an invitation and a program from Klan meetings and...
Dates: 1923 - 1924

Laiten Camien Collection

Identifier: MS-86-17
Content Note

Laiten Camien’s papers contain correspondence and other documents that he used when writing his master’s thesis at the University of Wichita in 1933. The correspondence dates from 1932 and 1933. The papers deal with Kansas history and especially about the topic of his thesis: schools in Sumner County, Kansas. There are also some notes on a robbery that occurred in Medicine Lodge in 1883. Also included are ephemeral pieces from Camien’s senior year at Wichita High School, 1924.

Dates: 1924 - 1933; Undated

Lebanese Family Histories Collection

Identifier: MS-2020-19
Content Note

This collection from Dr. Jay Price of Wichita State University’s History Department contains historical and genealogical information on two Lebanese families: the Ablah family and the Andeel family. Dr. Price sent the materials to Special Collections and University Archives in March of 2009

Dates: 1975 - 2004