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Ethiopic Psalms (19th Century)

Identifier: MS-74-10
Content Note

Dating to the 19th century, the Ethiopic Psalms in this collection are an example of Ethiopic manuscript art.

Dates: Dates to 19th Century

Eunice Schweiter Nixon Papers, 1869-2017

Identifier: MS-2018-04
Content Note

This collection contains the personal papers of Eunice Schweiter Nixon. Materials include photographs, correspondence, newspaper clippings, genealogical research, compiled background research, and memorabilia relating to the Schweiter and Schmid families, early Wichita pioneers, World War II, and Dwight Eisenhower.

Dates: 1869 - 2017

Fair Play Township, Marion County, Kansas Collection

Identifier: MS-87-32
Content Note

The Fair Play Township, Marion County, Kansas Collection contains the "Clerks Record" Account book for the Board Meeting Expenses and the "Township Trustee Plat Book" relating to road repair. These documents date from 1877 to 1923.

Dates: 1877 - 1923

Farmer's Personal Diary of 1876

Identifier: MS-87-35
Content Note A Farmer's Personal Diary of 1876 contains a daily log of events in the life of an unidentified farmer during the year 1876. The geographical location is also unknown, but internal evidence suggests that the farmer lived in Illinois. The diary records the typical interests of a farmer such as the conditions of the weather, the health and welfare of livestock, and concerns for crop planting, cultivating, and harvesting. This diary contains little of self-revelation or of family concerns;...
Dates: 1876

Fédération Aéronautique Internationale

Identifier: MS-89-12
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of a bound volume containing the minutes of the 1907 meeting of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale. The meeting, held in Brussels, Belgium, was one of the earliest attempts to gain international cooperation in developing aviation. Delegates from several European countries and the United States attended the meeting.

Dates: 1907

First World War: Operations and Intelligence of the British First and Second Armies

Identifier: MS-90-03
Content Note This collection contains a number of materials connected to the operations of subunits of the British First and Second Armies from 1916 to 1918. Included are Battalion, Brigade, and Divisional operations reports, intelligence summaries, orders, statistical figures such as casualty reports and policy statements. Also included are maps and map indexes for a number of operational areas and a series of English translations of non-English news journals complete with commentary. The divisional...
Dates: 1916 - 1918

First World War: Royal Naval Air Service

Identifier: MS-86-07
Scope and Contents

The collection consists of a photograph album belonging to Capt. Sydney H. Gaskell of the Royal Air Force, a page from a 1933 publication relating the death of Capt. G. V. Wildman-Lushington in an airplane crash, and letters from Major Henry Fawcett of the Royal Naval Air Service to members of his family from late 1913 until after the end of World War I. The letters present considerable data regarding his services in England, Turkey, and Russia

Dates: 1913 - 1918

First World War: Tenth Battalion, 42nd (East Lancaster) Division, 126th Manchester Regiment

Identifier: MS-86-09
Content Note The collection consists of a series of nine newspaper clippings in addition to a captain's notebook, three albums and other war memorabilia. The nine clippings trace the movements of the 10th Battalion from induction in England in 1914 through training in Egypt, service on the Gallipoli Peninsula, the Sinai Desert, France and Flanders, to the homecoming in 1918. Also included are Captain J. C. S. Rowbotham's Commission, a photograph of him on his horse, and other souvenirs of his military...
Dates: 1913 - 1919

Floyd B. Streeter Collection

Identifier: MS-74-31
Content Note

The Floyd B. Streeter Collection is comprised of the original manuscript copy of a biography of Captain Eugene B. Millett. Through the story of Captain Millett's life, Mr. Streeter recounts the saga of the rise of the cattle industry in Kansas from the 1890s to 1916. Also included in the collection is a published pamphlet entitled Tragedies of a Kansas Cow Town.

Dates: 1890 - 1916

Frank A. Bates Papers

Identifier: MS-89-11
Content Note

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Andrew Bates of Ellsworth County, Kansas, journeyed to Europe in 1909-1910. In this collection are clippings, menus, and a journal documenting their stay. Stops included Paris, London, and Switzerland.

Dates: 1909 - 1910

Fredonia, Kansas Photograph Collection

Identifier: MS-87-30
Content Note

Dating between 1865 to 1921, these photographs of people from Fredonia, Kansas, show social mores and clothing of the period. Some of the photographs were taken by Loomis Photography Company of Fredonia. Many of these people are either relatives or friends and neighbors of Josie Inez Moore.

Dates: 1865 - 1921

Gabriel Atkin Collection

Identifier: MS-89-02
Scope and Contents

The Gabriel Atkin collection contains an undated manuscript memoir of Atkin's days with the Chelsea Arts Club, other reminiscences and brief biographical sketches of his acquaintances. The collection includes other documents consisting of correspondence, newspaper clippings and autographs.

Dates: 1907 - 1991

Gay Pulp Fiction Collection

Identifier: MS-2018-02
Content Note This collection of gay pulp fiction spans five decades (1940s-1980s), and includes the works of several prominent gay writers. Among these are James Barr (Quatrefoil) and Phil Andros (The Greek Way). Publishers represented within the collection include Greenleaf, Phenix, Spade Classics, Blueboy, Eros, Gay Parisian Press, Star Distributors, Surrey and Traveler's Companion. The bulk of the collection consists of gay pulps, paperback books printed using wood pulp paper. Also included are...
Dates: 1940 - 1989

George William Manby Papers

Identifier: MS-94-01
Content Note As Secretary of State for the Home Department and Ordnance Department in England, George William Manby devoted much time and effort to developing a system of saving persons who were involved in shipwrecks. The three letterbooks comprising the collection involve this major project and describe many of the procedures used. Manby invented improvements for lifeboats, fire extinguishing, catching persons jumping from burning buildings, and saving from drowning those who had broken through ice....
Dates: 1810 - 1994

Gerald D. and Rachel N. Norwood Collection on Slavery, Anti-Slavery and Emancipation

Identifier: MS-2014-03
Content Note This collection is comprised of artifacts, financial documents, legal records, magazines, and newspapers documenting the practice of slavery as it evolved in the American colonies and the United States in the 18th and 19th centuries. Of note are the legal records detailing contracts for the sale of slaves, inventories of slaves, and an emancipation deed. Also of note is the South Carolina revenue bond scrip from the Reconstruction Era printed with images of slaves and former slaves working...
Dates: 1757 - 1879

Glenn Bakkum Collection of Urban Sociology Papers

Identifier: MS-88-27
Content Note

The Glenn Bakkum Collection of Urban Sociology Papers contains the term papers of Dr. Glenn Bakkum’s Urban Sociology Class from 1929 to 1934 at the University of Wichita (WSU). These papers deal with different social institutions in the Wichita area and provide some insight into the early history of Wichita and of the University of Wichita.

Dates: 1929 - 1969; Undated

Gordon Davis Collection of Ethiopian Manuscripts and Coptic Bibles

Identifier: MS-88-13
Scope and Contents

The Gordon Davis Collection of Ethiopian Manuscripts and Coptic Bibles contains various handwritten Bibles and religious works on parchment in codex form in the Geez language from the Axum and Adua provinces of Ethiopia. Although the date of these works are unknown, some of them are rare and quite old.

Dates: Undated; 1966

Graydon E. Spalding Collection of Works by and about Edgar Allan Poe

Identifier: MS-88-14
Content Note The Graydon E. Spalding Collection of Works by and about Edgar Allan Poe contains selected photocopied material from the original printings of some of Poe’s short stories and poems that were published in books or magazines in the mid-19th century. Also, there are some secondary source material regarding Poe’s life and family and an undated lithograph engraving of Poe. These materials were collected by Spalding while he worked as the supervisor of the Henry E. Huntington Library (HEH) rare...
Dates: 1945 - 1975

Greco-Egyptian Papyrus

Identifier: MS-92-26
Content Note

This piece of Greco-Egyptian papyrus is 3.5" by 2" in size and has writing on both sides. It has minor separations and wear but is legible. Along with the original papyrus are two enlarged photographs of the front and back, an article about it from WSU Alumni Association magazine and analysis and translation by WSU history professor and papyrus translator Dr. Ariel Loftus.

Dates: 190 BCE; Spring 2001; 2008-11

Gretchen Grow Scrapbook

Identifier: MS-2021-03
Content Note

This memorial scrapbook compiled by Alice Handforth Grow contains copies of photos, newspaper articles, correspondence, and artwork, Gretchen Grow’s writings, and writings about Gretchen Grow. The scrapbook covers Gretchen Grow’s life and work from 1946 to 1966.

Dates: 1967

Harry Pollard Papers

Identifier: MS-81-05
Content Note

Pollard's life as a stage and screen actor and director is represented by means of scrapbooks, reviews and photographs in this collection. Included are still photographs of Pollard and his wife Margarita Fischer in the 1913 version of Uncle Tom's Cabin, a scrapbook, poster, and clippings related to the 1929 production of Showboat, and numerous other materials. Pollard was born in Republic City, Kansas.

Dates: 1837 - 1936

Harry W. Holman Papers

Identifier: MS-87-24
Content Note

The Harry W. Holman Civil War diary dates from December 3, 1864 to March 28, 1865, during the closing months of the U.S. Civil War. Sgt. Holman was in the U.S. Army Signal Corps, IX Army Corps, Army of the Potomac. He was stationed in Burkeville, Virginia, near Petersburg. The diary also includes poems written by various authors and other personal notations. Later Holman was transferred to Ft. Reno, Indian Territory, in June 24, 1865.

Dates: 1864-12-03 - 1865-03-28

Hebrew Marriage Certificate (Ketubah)

Identifier: MS-74-20
Scope and Contents

Written on vellum, a Hebrew marriage certificate (ketubah) dating back to Italy in the 16th century comprises this collection.

Dates: 1500

Hebrew Scroll of Esther

Identifier: MS-74-11
Content Note

The Hebrew Scroll of Esther comprising this collection is a synagogue copy which dates back to the 19th century.

Dates: 19th century

Henry A. Ford Papers

Identifier: MS-87-31
Content Note The life sketch of Henry A. "Lon" Ford is the memoirs of his life during a period of his life in the 1880s from youngster to young adult. It was written during the period from 1943 to 1946 in which Henry recalls specific events of family life growing up on a claim in Kansas. He also includes the origins, names and birth and death dates of his parents and grandparents. The memoir is divided into two topics: his life as a cowboy and the months he spent as a desperado. There are colorful life...
Dates: 1943 - 1946

Henry Game Papers

Identifier: MS-2000-07
Content Note

The Henry Game Papers consist of his letters home to his wife in England from August 30, 1915 to September 28, 1915. The letters contain references to Zeppelins over London, weather conditions and life in the trenches. The collection also contains a photograph with the notation "Captain Henry Game" on the back.

Dates: 1915-08-30 - 1915-09-28

Henry L. Stimson Papers

Identifier: MS-87-37
Content Note

Eight autograph signed letters from Henry L. Stimson to "B. W." (Bronson Winthrop), a boyhood friend, constitute this collection. The letters date from November 17, 1911 to March 17, 1930. Most were written from the Western Front in France in 1918, where Stimson was a colonel of field artillery in the American Expeditionary Forces. In the letters Stimson describes training centers and camps, and the German offensive of March and April 1918.

Dates: 1911-11-17 - 1930-03-17

Henry Malone Papers

Identifier: MS-86-04
Content Note This collection of the papers of Henry Malone primarily contain information on the trails of Kansas. This is found in the form of maps, articles, unpublished papers, correspondence and references to the Kansas State Historical Collection and the Kansas Historical Quarterly. Material also included in these papers is the development of the Department of American Studies, research project papers and correspondence, information on WSU’s Library Associates and the Cultural Heritage Center of...
Dates: 1806 - 1980

Henry Wendelken Civil War Diary of 1863

Identifier: MS-88-02
Content Note Henry Wendelken, a Union soldier in the U.S. Civil War, penned the entries in this diary from January 1 to June 29, 1863, while he served in the Western Theater of the Civil War around Tennessee and Mississippi. He was a member of Company B, 39th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. The account mainly describes marches, drills, camp routines and weather conditions. Special Collections' staff transcribed diary contents in 1998, and a digital copy of the transcription is avaiable. A broadside that lists...
Dates: 1863-01-01 - 1863-06-29

Herbert Jones Collection

Identifier: MS-81-03
Content Note

The Herbert Jones Collection consists of photographs, clippings, and memorabilia concerning the career of Herbert C. Jones, the founder of the first bus line in Wichita. Included is a diary, circa 1869, from his father, W. B. Jones.

Dates: 1869 - 1972