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Craig Miner Collection

Identifier: MS-2021-02
Content Note

This collection from Susan Miner contains photocopies of historical essays and book reviews written by Wichita State University history professor, Dr. H. Craig Miner. It also includes photocopies of reviews of Miner’s own books, programs from presentations Miner made, articles that mention Miner and his work, and photographic printouts of Miner.

Dates: 1969 - 2012

D. G. Maynard Papers of Civil War Letters

Identifier: MS-87-05
Content Note

Civil War-era letters from D. G. (Darius G.) Maynard to his fiancée, Nellie E. Foot, comprise this collection. His letters were written from Washington, D.C., and various military sites in Maryland, Virginia and other locations. A member of the 1st Michigan Cavalry Regiment, Maynard writes about events of the war and aspects of daily life on a campaign.

Dates: 1860-08-27 - 1865; Undated

Dame Rachel Crowdy Papers

Identifier: MS-90-25
Content Note The Dame Rachel Crowdy Papers contain manuscript and typescript letters to Crowdy and her husband Lt. Col. Cudbert Thornhill from various prominent political figures, wartime leaders and leaders of womens organizations during the period 1918-1959. The correspondence touches on many aspects of world affairs and contains references to the various women's organizations which were organized in England before and during World War II. Among the correspondents are Neville Chamberlain, Queen Mary...
Dates: 1918 - 1959

David K. Gillespie Papers

Identifier: MS-2020-17
Content Note

This collection contains the personal papers of David K. Gillespie. Materials include correspondence and financial documents.

Dates: 1880 - 1899

Denice Bruce Collection

Identifier: MS-2016-04
Content Note This collection contains correspondence, press clippings, speeches, interview transcripts, academic and professional reports, and corporate publications collected by WSU graduate student Denice Bruce during the research and writing of her master's thesis. The material largely deals with the Dow Chemical Company's manufacture of Agent Orange and napalm, both of which were used by the American military during the Vietnam War. Various items in the collection also show the evolution of Dow's...
Dates: 1966 - 1993

Depression Era Relief Requests from Residents of North Carolina

Identifier: MS-80-01
Content Note The collection consists of transcriptions of 234 letters sent by residents of 47 North Carolina counties to various relief agencies and individuals during the Great Depression. The letters mainly date between 1934 and 1936 and are arranged by county name. They originally belonged to Roy Melton Brown, head of the School of Public Welfare and Social Work at the University of North Carolina. Faithfully reproduced in terms of spelling and grammar, these typed transcriptions embody the...
Dates: 1933 - 1937

Diary, October 1860

Identifier: MS-89-09
Content Note

This diary by an unknown author is written in German and concerns a trip to New York in October 1860. The handwriting, though neat, often is so tiny that it is illegible.

Dates: 1860-10

Diary of Dr. Thomas Anderson

Identifier: MS-89-10
Scope and Contents

London, Antwerp, Brussels, Zurich, Aix la-Chappelle and Liege are among the cities described in Dr. Thomas Anderson’s diary of his tour of Europe in 1838.

Dates: 1838

Documents on Antebellum Slavery and the Abolitionist Movement

Identifier: MS-88-19
Content Note

This collection of documents on Antebellum slavery and the abolitionist movement contains manumission papers, a deed of sale, a court case file, and literature advocating rights for slaves. The documents date from 1814 to 1885.

Dates: 1814 - 1885

Dole Air Race Collection

Identifier: MS-2019-01
Content Note

This collection contains photographs of planes on the ground prior to takeoff at the Dole Air Race on August 16, 1927 and a newspaper article looking back on the race fifty years later.

Dates: 1927; 1977

Doris Caesar Papers

Identifier: MS-95-02
Content Note The diary comprising this collection depicts the life of Doris Caesar, a successful, educated career woman whose life was divided as to her artistic ventures and a family. It includes a variety of events and experiences in her life. Caesar’s evaluations of other artists’ works are astute and never seem to be overly critical or vindictive. The diary entries, written between October 1955 and November 1957, are interesting and enhance the reader’s understanding of her philosophies, interests,...
Dates: 1955 - 1957

Dr. Judith Johnson Collection of African-American Oral Histories

Identifier: MS-2017-05
Content Note

This collection consists of interviews conducted by retired WSU professor Dr. Judith Johnson with African Americans who lived in Wichita during the mid-to-late 20th century. Topics include personal history, integration in schools, social and political activism, religion, employment in Wichita, and the consequences of urban renewal on African-American neighborhoods.

Dates: 1995 - 1998

Dr. Max Thorek Collection of Bonaparte Family Papers

Identifier: MS-82-03
Content Note

The documents in this collection are, with one exception, signed by members or associates of the Bonaparte family. The exception is a report, dated June 25, 1791, from the officers and men of the 83rd Infantry Regiment stationed at Charlemont. The report denounces their Colonel as a royalist and counter-revolutionary. Each of these documents is provided with a translation and biographical sketch of the signatories connected with the Bonaparte family.

Dates: 1791 - 1837

Dunbar Elementary School Reunion Collection

Identifier: MS-2020-09
Content Note

This collection contains memorabilia from Dunbar Elementary School’s 2007 Reunion, including a book commemorating the reunion, DVDs of a documentary about the school’s history, CDs of photos from the reunion, a calendar of reunion events, a program from the reunion banquet, and party favors and souvenirs from the reunion.

Dates: 2007

E. B. "Fritz" Feutz Papers

Identifier: MS-2020-02
Content Note

This collection from E. B. "Fritz" Feutz contains records from the testing of Beech aircraft models PD58-1, PD58-2, and T-36A, as well as records from the testing of Cessna models 172, 180, 182, 309/319, 310, PD 317, and 620. There are also photographs and information booklets on Cessna aircraft along with correspondence and some technical drawings. Black and white copies of materials are believed to have been given to Feutz by William D. Thompson.

Dates: 1951 - 1995

E. H. Byington Collection

Identifier: MS-86-14
Content Note

The E. H. Byington collection is a set of three books which contain notes from theological lectures, one of which is dated 1855. Each volume appears to represent the lectures given by a particular instructor. The instructors represented are Professor Phelps, Dr. Woods, and Professor E. H. Park of Andover Theological Seminary, Massachusetts.

Dates: 1855

E. M. Forster Papers

Identifier: MS-86-22
Content Note Most of the correspondence of E. M. Forster in this collection is written to Siegfried Sassoon and covers a span of 41 years from 1918 to 1959. The year 1923, when E. M. Forster was 44 years old, produced most of these letters. The dates of the correspondence alternate between the American and European style of writing the day and month of the year. Occasionally a year was skipped with one or two letters a year being most usual. The contents might be subsumed under the following headings:...
Dates: 1917 - 1962

E. M. Forster Short Story Manuscript

Identifier: MS-88-03
Content Note

The E. M. Forster Short Story Manuscript contains contain corrections to be entered in the second draft of the short story “The Other Boat,” originally titled “Coco,” written in 1956-1957. P. N. Furbank was asked to incorporate these emendations when he typed the second draft for Forster.

Dates: 1956 - 1957

E. M. Laird Collection

Identifier: MS-89-18
Content Note

The E. M. Laird Collection contains transcriptions and audio tapes of interviews with Laird, an early airplane manufacturer in Wichita. Photographs of Laird and an autographed copy of a commemorative booklet produced for "'Matty' Laird Day" in Wichita, April 8, 1978, also are included.

Dates: 1978

Early Aviation Laws and History Collection

Identifier: MS-92-18
Content Note

The Early Aviation Laws and History Collection covers several areas of aviation from 1905 to 1920. There are rough drafts of papers, typed reports, press releases, and commentaries. The collection has two themes: international aviation laws and the creation of federal aviation laws in the United States. Included in the collection are building specifications and weight schedules of planes built by Gosport Aircraft Company.

Dates: 1905 - 1920

Early Aviation Photographs

Identifier: MS-87-28
Content Note

This collection contains news release photographs depicting events and people such as the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, Eddy Rickenbacker, Alys McKey Bryant, Amelia Earhart and others. It also includes photographs of early aircraft taken during and after World War I. The photographs, for the most part, are not dated or captioned; however, the evolution of aviation design and technology is apparent.

Dates: 1903 - 1946

Early Missouri Territory and State Personal and Legal Papers

Identifier: MS-87-13
Content Note The Early Missouri Territory and State Personal Legal Papers contain legal documents dating from 1785 to 1898. These documents concern the legal troubles and opportunities of the early settlers of Missouri around the St. Louis and St Charles areas. Such prominent people as Auguste and Pierre Chouteau, William Clark, Manuel Lisa, Jean Gabriel Cerre, George Drouillard, Alexander McNair, and Pierre Menard are mentioned in these manuscripts. These documents contain security bonds, promissory...
Dates: 1785 - 1898

Early Wichita Drawings Collection

Identifier: MS-2017-06
Content Note

This collection contains the earliest known depictions of the area that would become the city of Wichita drawn by the noted illustrator James E. Taylor (1839-1901). The images show Native Americans hunting and in their encampment, early trader settlements and ranches, a view of a wooded Arkansas River, and William "Dutch Bill" Greiffenstein, one of the founders of Wichita. The collection also includes a 2003 newspaper article about the collection.

Dates: 1867 - 2003

Edward Everett Hale Papers, 1852-1907

Identifier: MS-74-03
Content Note

These papers consist mainly of correspondence of Edward Everett Hale to various persons concerning the establishment, financing and staffing of a school in Richmond, Virginia. It also includes other correspondence about speaking engagements, his work as president of the Lend A Hand Society and as chaplain of the United States Senate. The correspondence covers the years 1852-1907.

Dates: 1852 - 1907

Edward S. Safford Papers

Identifier: MS-84-01
Content Note

The Edward S. Safford Papers consist of letters written by Safford to his family in Boston. Dating from 1867 to 1871, they chronicle his activities as a surveyor for the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad in Kansas. They describe towns along the railroad, persons met, incidents of work, and land speculation activities. Included is a carte-de-visite of Safford and another surveyor and a "Diary of Important Events" kept by Safford in December 1867 while he was working in Illinois.

Dates: 1867 - 1871

Edward T. Latta Papers

Identifier: MS-2002-02
Content Note This collection contains materials, chiefly correspondence, of Edward T. Latta and certain members of his family dating from 1858 to 1910. Latta alternately served as an officer in the Union Army in the Indian Territories, in land speculation, the cattle and hog industry and as a notary public. The majority of the letters consist of those written by Latta to his wife Millie ("Pet") and his sons. Additional letters are those written to and from Latta by friends and family. Also contained...
Dates: 1858 - 1910

El Huarache Project

Identifier: MS-2006-04
Content Note The collection consists of oral history recordings on audio and video cassette, color photographic printouts, and research materials documenting El Huarache, an early Mexican barrio in Wichita, Kansas. Carolyn Rosales Benitez researched and collected the materials in this collection for a Kansas Humanities Council grant funded project. Benitez developed her findings into the exhibit El Huarache: A Photographic Look Back at One of Wichita's First Mexican Barrios held at the La Familia...
Dates: 1877 - 2005

Elijah Williams Collection

Identifier: MS-98-13
Content Note Dating from 1909-1983, this collection contains newspaper clippings, articles, photographs and other historical documentation about Elijah Williams, an African American and native Kansan. It also contains a manuscript written by Williams about his life, philosophy and religious beliefs. The clippings, photographs and articles highlight Williams' athletic pursuits at Emporia High School, Kansas State Teachers College and Howard University. Some information tells of his career as a probation...
Dates: 1909 - 1983

English Legal Document Collection

Identifier: MS-2018-03
Content Note This collection consists of an English manuscript legal document executed by hand in black ink on vellum. The document, dated September 7, 1720, is embellished with a large engraved heading showing a seal with the motto "Honi soit qui mal y pense" and the phrase "This Indenture Tripartite," meaning the agreement involves three parties, namely Francis Scott, John Wheatley and Johanna Cook. Strips of three embossed blue six pence tax stamps are affixed to the front of each page, and a...
Dates: 1720-09-07

Epistles of St. Paul (Ethiopic, 18th Century)

Identifier: MS-74-09
Content Note

The Epistles of St. Paul which comprise this collection are Ethiopic and date back to the 18th century. It is not a particularly fine specimen of Ethiopic manuscript art, but it is one of the few manuscripts in western libraries of the Epistles.

Dates: 18th Century